The Hamptons

I skipped the jitney and took the jet! The Hamptons was always a bucket list destination for me…finally, the summer of 2015, I stepped into the wonderland that is the Hamptons. As a Bostonian– we go to “the Cape.” It’s what we do. It is our go-to summer/weekend getaway. West Dennis & Cape Cod will always be my salty air vacation hang out, but the Hamptons IS the fancy-pants NY cousin to Cape Cod…a delightful excursion. The Hamptons is all about hospitality–guests stay at friends’ homes–not hotels. There is hardly hotel to be found. It is breakfast nooks, lunch outings, clinking glasses, exquisite shopping, dinner parties, and bonfires on the beach… I was ready!

My “worstie,” Alys and I traveled to the affluent coastal chic villages of Long Island at the invite of my two fabulously gay friends and their three Italian greyhounds – a ubiquitous girls’ weekend.

Their little cottage on Towd Point was cozy and welcoming with a gorgeous lake front and sun-shiny umbrella-ed patio. We woke to cool, yet sunny, northeast mornings and steaming cups of coffee on the deck. The days were sunny, warm and balmy- a nice break from the oppressive humidity of tropical South Florida… We opened up all the windows, and let the summer breeze fill the house with the fragrance of summer blooms, grass and trees! Smells like August in the northeast…

Our friends were gracious, generous and seasoned hosts, they knew the best spots… Lunch was divine! Pierre’s unique location on main Street Bridgehampton is in the heartbeat of the charming and extraordinaire Hamptons—quaint and casual. Tarte flambée Alsacienne aux lardons et oignons (thin crust topped with fromage blanc, onions, and bacon) was sinfully delicious. The clinking of rosé filled flutes started at lunch and sipped along into the evening…

Main Street was a parade of bespoke boutiques, art studios, galleries, cafes, and antique barns with vintage ice cream shops tucked into the scene. Pops of color were subtly present in a dress code of whites, creams, pale blues, crisp navy and jute; all punctuated with a wide brimmed hats and statement jewelry. The children were just as stylish as their well heeled parents. Palm Beach regalia on vacation…but better!

We dined on a fairy tale of food –scallops, risotto, lobster, local vegetables, freshly picked corn on the cob from the road side stands, and lots of rosé – did I mention the rosé? The Beacon was a weekend fave in Sag Harbor. The mussels, artfully arranged in the bowl like a sand castle, were delish, with crusty bread soaking up the white wine, garlic broth.

One evening’s festivities took us to the gloriously artful Madoo Conservatory and Winter House— artist, writer, gardener Robert Dash’s enchanting two acre organic garden in the village of Sagaponack. This splendid plot of botanicals and wild flowers was a quintessential Hamptons experience… a late summer garden party with a family style dinner served inside the rustic home. A vintage, hand scraped and painted door served as a bar – as a focal point on the emerald green lawn. The yummy menu was grilled Flank steak, rosemary roasted red potatoes, sweet corn on the cob, bright veggies and mixed green salad… as was the rosé… did I mention rosé? Again, the attire was a collection of white linen, white jeans, elegant tunics, and Stubbs and Wooten slippers. The flicker of lightening bugs and a stunning orange, coral, lavender, pink sunset painted across the sky were picture perfect rsvps.

Sant Ambroeus in Southampton, with an outdoor vine-covered patio, secluded from the buzz of Main Street was scrumptious as it was swanky… the ribbons of artichoke salad, veal, pasta… again, perfectly paired with a delicate rosé… in fact our favorite color of the weekend was rosé – a flawless complement to the magnificent sunsets.

THEN, there was Tate’s. The sweetest part of the weekend has to be the Hamptons’ infamous Tate’s gluten free cookies, which became our must have snack, breakfast treat, go-to dessert and tote essential. The perfectly crunchy chocolate chip cookies were heavenly—so crispy and buttery, rich but not overwhelming, they simply melt in your mouth and just one is never enough! Alys ate most of them…

When is summer of 2016 getting here? I am in white linen state of mind… clink!

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