Keep Calm and Drink Wine

Rosé, blush, bubbles, champs… the words conjure up images of decadence, fun and celebration! My romance with wine wasn’t love at first sight… it was a lengthy courtship of many sips and soirées. I am partial to white wines, effervescent pours and light reds… chardonnays were always too oaky or buttery and cabs were too robust and heady. I leaned towards crisp Pinot Grigio and the grassy, green, citrusy goodness of Sauvignon Blanc. Paired with seafood–the result is sublime.

After a bit of intellectual tasting and swirling, the noble Pinot Noir is my red of choice. This splendid, delicate, high maintenance grape is difficult to grow and thin-skinned–its aloofness is part of the appeal. The pale translucence of cranberry, cherry, and raspberry fragrance dancing in your glass lures you into the wine. Pinot Noir is ripe for sipping and a perfect dinner companion for yummy white pizzas, duck and seasonal Thanksgiving sweets and savories.



Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!” I love the fruity-licious pageantry and tradition of Beaujolais Nouveau is a wonderful autumnal treat. Beaujolais nouveau is a purple-pink (gamay grape) wine, bottled only 6-8 weeks after harvest and is intended for immediate drinking. Due to its release date, the third Thursday in November, it is also a lovely pairing for turkey day.

All hail the pomp and circumstance of champagne. Bubbly is always the first r.s.v.p. to the season’s regalia in Palm Beach. Aside from brunching, holidays, and kudos– tray of bubbles is the quintessential welcome at all events, receptions, galas and divot stomping at polo outings.

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THEN, there is rosé. The allure of rosé is intoxicating without even taking a taste, it is more like a state of mind. Whether you call it rosé, rosato, or rosado, it’s summer’s most refreshing wine and the shades of pink, peach and salmon are a seduction of color. The primary flavors of rosé wine are red fruit, flowers, citrus, and melon, with a pleasant, crunchy, green flavor on the finish similar to celery or rhubarb. Divine. The promise of the “Provençal lifestyle” captured in a glass is perfect for sunset sipping, Sunday swirling or ideal as an aperitif paired with melon, prosciutto and figs or simply, as dessert. I love that the beauty of Palm Beach allows for continued enjoyment of rosé as the warm weather lingers long after the rest of the world says “au revoir” to summer.

In the words of Audrey Hepburn, “I believe in pink.” Cheers to looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.

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